Advanced AMD Support

  • Protect Your Macular from Degeneration
  • Better Sight in Sunlight
  • Reduce Dry Eyes
  • Relax Your Eyes

Eyestrain Protect

70% of people working with computers suffer eyestrain. Costing their productivity.

Protect your eyes, your health, and productivity all at once.

Vx 20/20

Staring at screens for hours per day leaves your eyes dry.

Guard your eyes from itchy and dry eyes. Get Dry Eyes Hydro Guard now!

Premium Nutrition For Your Eyesight & Health

Pure Premium Ingredients

We believe that our ingredients must be selected based on quality and purity, not price.

Integrity & Transparency

We believe our supplements must be potent, based on science, & adhere to quality standards.

Your Health Comes First

We believe that your health is more important than shelf-life. So we stay clear of toxic preservatives.

Welcome to EyesightLabs™

EyesightLabs™ is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive line of research-based, eye health supplements. We believe your supplements should be free of hidden fillers, artificial colors or other excipients that could interfere with the absorption of the nutrients. Providing you with formulas that are free of toxic preservatives and hydrogenated oils.

We believe that your health is more important than cost. So we carefully select premium quality ingredients to provide you the purest and most potent eye health supplements.

That's why we can back up every one of our products with a rock-solid 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


Featured Products

Advanced AMD Support


Powerful support for your macular to protect from degeneration. Promotes better sight in sunlight.*

Vx 20/20


A unique blend of clinically proven ingredient to promote clear, healthy vision & relaxed eyes.*

Eyestrain Protect


Powerful support for your macular to protect from degeneration. Promotes better sight in sunlight.*

Products Based on Science

Check the studies that back our claims, ingredients and formulation. Open and transparent. 

Study 01 - Lutein & Zeaxanthin

Lutein and zeaxanthin in the eyes, serum and diet of human subjects.

Study 04: Measurement Of Ocular Blood Flow

Progress in measurement of ocular blood flow and relevance to our understanding of glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration

Study 02: A One Year Study of the Macular Pigment

A One Year Study of the Macular Pigment: The Effect of 140 Days of a Lutein Supplement.

Study 05: Macular Carotenoid Supplementation

Macular carotenoid supplementation in
subjects with atypical spatial profiles
of macular pigment.

Study 03: Placebo-Controlled Study Of Zeaxanthin

Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of zeaxanthin and visual function...

Study 06: Supplementation With 3 Macular Carotenoids

Supplementation with all three
macular carotenoids: response,
stability, and safety.

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EyesightLabs™ provides premium nutritional supplements for your eyesight and health. We believe that supplements should benefit your health without negative side-effects. Learn more about the science that supports our formulas.

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